This year GAIN has come of age, building on the excellent work of its predecessors, to deliver audit, guidelines, teaching and medical device evaluation in a reliable and consistent fashion.

The work of GAIN is shaped by all staff in Health and Social Care, with the single aim of benefiting our patients, and with their help we will continue to champion quality and best practice.

In a busy and complicated world and depending on the enthusiasm and energy of volunteers, often working in their own time, we seek to adapt and respond to changing circumstances. This has led us towards the development of short pithy documents which ideally can be distilled onto one page, encapsulated in plastic and stuck to the ward notice board to act as a guide for busy staff. To determine if this approach is effective we will be repeating our 'audit of audits' next year.

We are keen to explore new vehicles for passing on information, and are currently testing an iPhone app, and will be continuing our road shows round the Province to seek feedback and new ideas.

This level of activity can only happen with the active assistance of many like minded people.

I would like to pay tribute to the GAIN staff, who, work ceaselessly to translate the ideas of clinicians into tangible output. They are assisted and supported by long suffering and immensely supportive colleagues in many areas and in particular the Department of Health, the Health Board, RQIA, the Public Health Agency and in the Trusts. We often make ridiculous, late and near impossible requests to them and they always rise to the occasion with support. But I especially wish to thank colleagues who form the working parties for guideline development, who apply for help to run audits, and who take part in GAIN events at many different levels. Without their unswerving commitment GAIN would not function.

I hope they will continue their hard work and will continue to help to shape the work of GAIN for the future and for the benefit of our patients.

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